Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications: By the close of filing, (DATE), candidates are required to have: High School diploma or the equivalent and two (2) years of clerical experience; or four (4) years of clerical experience. Thirty (30) college level credits may be substituted for each year of work experience.

Citizenship Candidates: must be United States Citizens at the time of appointment.

Residence Candidates: must be residents of New York State at the time of appointment.

Benefits: Unified Court System employees receive 20 days of paid vacation during their first year of service in addition to 12 paid holidays. They also accrue 13 days of paid annual sick leave. Participation in medical, dental, life insurance and retirement plans is offered.

Distinguishing feature of work: Court Assistants serve as part clerks in: Supreme Courts; all County and District level courts; those City Courts with three or more full-time judges; and the Civil Court of the City of New York.

As part clerks, they work under the supervision of higher level court clerical personnel, Chief Clerks, Commissioners of Jurors, or County Clerks and perform court clerical tasks directly related to court proceedings.

Court Assistants may also work outside of the courtroom in these same courts, in other New York City courts, or in the Court of Claims, where they provide procedural information, supervise units staffed by subordinate personnel engaged in court support activities such as intake of papers or docketing.

* from NYS Courts Examination Announcement, 2017

The written examination tests for Clerical Checking, Understanding and Interpreting Written Material, Applying Facts and Information to Given Situation, Court Record Keeping, Preparing Written Material, and Legal Terminology.

All the parts of the examination will be covered in our class.

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